UniWoL is a network created with the aim of promoting knowledge, interchange and collaboration between writers, translators, editors, editors and reviewers, illustrators, literary agents and cultural operators from all over the world.
Our platform has been designed “tailor-made” thinking both of you who deal with publishing by profession, and of you who look out on the fascinating world of literature and storytelling as newcomers or freelancers, to help you find the most suitable collaborators together with whom to carry out your editorial project and spread it in the country where you live or abroad.
For this purpose, in addition to the social section, UniWoL provides you with news, information, calls for tenders and funding.
We are also able, on the sidelines, to also offer different services: professional training courses, ebooks, unpublished evaluation service, proofreading and proofreading, editing. Soon we will also have legal and tax advice: useful and effective tools designed specifically to enable you to carry out your editorial activity in the best possible way.
We believe that words and stories should not have borders and that we do our best to ensure that literature, poetry, comic stories and all other forms of storytelling must not remain confined to their country of origin but can be translated and disseminated throughout the world.
To make it possible it is essential to put you in contact and create, publish and promote literature and editorial projects, to offer you a virtual place to meet and network, where you can share ideas, energy, professionalism, to join forces and make your books known. whole world.
We believe that the work carried out in a team gives excellent results: we at UniWoL are the demonstration of this because we were born and we operate thanks to a network of professionals who come from different places and realities, who have carried out this important project together and carry it forward with enthusiasm and conviction.
Try our network for FREE and the services we offer: after that you won’t be able to do without it!