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Terms and Conditions of Use

Signin up on the Uniwol website implies to the User the use of the online community platform accessible at, including the related sub-pages and information, applications and services offered on this platform, as well as participation in projects and activities offered by Uniwol.
The user confirms that he has read and understood the following Terms of Use and Participation before registering on the platform.
Users who has signed up as members of the Uniwol community are hereinafter referred to as “Users”.
To sign in and become a member of the community, as well as to sign in for the services offered by the platform, it is required to be 18 or older.

1. Purpose of the Terms of Use and Participation

The Terms of Use and Participation govern the contractual relationship between UNIWOL and the User as for signing in and using the Uniwol Platform, as well as membership of the community.
The User who actively participates and requests a specific service (i.e proofreading, etc.) may be asked to accept specific terms and conditions related to the service provided, which will establish a contractual relationship between the competent professional who manages the User’s requests and the User. Please note that any additional terms and conditions will never be in conflict with these Terms of Use.

2. Signing In on the Platform and becoming a member of the community

a) To use the Uniwol Platform and the Services offered, and to take part in the activities, the User must be a member of the community. To become a member of the community, the User must be signed in on the Uniwol Platform and create an account.
b) Signing in is governed by the following terms and conditions:
Signing in on the online platform is free and the User doesn’t have to take part in projects and activities. UNIWOL doesn’t have to sign in the User in and is free to accept or not, at its own unquestionable judgment and using criteria of discretion, the registration request.
Registration is allowed only for adults. Its use is limited to private and non-commercial purposes (ie for purposes that are, mostly, outside of the User’s professional or commercial activities).
Each User must provide complete, accurate and truthful information when signing in. The information provided when the User sign in must be complete, accurate and updated throughout the subscription period. For details regarding the collection, processing and use of the information provided, the User declares to have consulted the Privacy and Cookie Policy.
Each User can create and use only one account using his name. Multiple registrations and / or registrations on behalf of third parties are prohibited. Users must not allow anyone else to use their account. The account will allow the user to register using a fictional nickname, not directly identifiable of his name and surname or his e-mail address.
Each user is assigned a password at the time of registration. Users are the only one who can have it and the User has to tell immediately Uniwol in case there are violations on their account.
If an User doesn’t require even one of this above obligations, Uniwol expressly reserves the right to remove any account or all accounts registered by that User and to prevent the latter from registering again on the Platform.
c) In order to complete the registration request, the User declares to accept the Terms of Use and Participation. After creating the Account, the user will receive a confirmation email at the address used, in order to verify its correctness and activate the Account. To activate the Account, the User must follow the instructions listed in the email.

3. General rules to use properly the Platform and the Services

a) All Registered Users may use the Platform and the Services offered. This includes, without limitation, commenting, sending content or participating in online discussions with other Users. The services provided by third parties will be regulated by further conditions of use.
b) All Users have to respect the laws, respect the rights of third parties and to be
respectful towards other Users when they interact.

4. Protection of personal data

UNIWOL commits to protect the privacy of the Users during the collection, processing and use of personal data. For details concerning the processing of personal data, the User accepts to consult the Privacy and Cookie Policy.

5. Use of materials provided on the platform

a) All the content on the platform, including texts, drawings, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio files, downloads, interfaces, codes and software or anything that might be a combination of the aforementioned, as well as all documents and materials (defined below) as the “Material”) belong to Uniwol and may only be used in accordance with the terms of use and the conditions indicated by Uniwol, in compliance with the applicable legislation.
b) the User has the right to download or print the Material on the Platform in order to obtain information on products and services. Uniwol may reduce or revoke this right at any time, in its sole discretion. Any commercial use of the Material – including, without limitation, its reproduction, transformation, distribution, communication or its dissemination to the public for commercial purposes – without the consent of the concerned rights holder is expressly forbidden. All other rights relating to the Material, including all associated intellectual and industrial property rights, remain under the ownership of Uniwol and / or its licensors.
c) Uniwol is a registered trademark and property of UNIWOL. All rights relating to the trademark and logo are the exclusive property of UNIWOL. There is no concession in use of the registered trademark and its logo.
d) Uniwol reserves all rights on the Platform and its contents, not expressly mentioned in this document.

6. Sending content from Users

Granting of rights regarding the contents sent by the Users
a) As an integral part of the use of the Platform, the User may send to Uniwol and publish various types of content on the network, such as reports, images, audio and video files, comments or contributions.
b) the Contents that the User intends to share, may be public, if shared by the user’s choice on the network, or confidential form, if sent to Uniwol for professional purposes, examination and verification, reading, etc. In this case the contents will be shared with the professionals who will manage the service.
If the contents are shared only for an internal use, the User gives Uniwol a non-exclusive, global, free right to use this material for internal purposes (including, without limitation, the evaluation of the Contents themselves). This concession does not include the right to reproduce, store, translate, distribute, make publicly accessible and otherwise communicate the Contents or any part thereof in any form or on any medium, without the User’s consent.
If contents are made public, the User grants Uniwol a non-exclusive, global, free right to reproduce and publish them through the community.
c) Uniwol may ask the User the right to publish the contents associated with the nickname he has chosen.
d) The User can request Uniwol to delete the Contents it has published whenever they want.
e) The User is solely responsible for the Content he sends to Uniwol, including, without limitation, their accuracy, completeness and legality.
f) the User agrees to send Content to Uniwol of which he is the author and owner of the copyright that derives from it; images of third parties can not be sent without the written consent of the latter.
g) the User will guarantee Uniwol that the Contents sent
– they are not confidential or mendacious;
– do not infringe the copyright of third parties;
– are not slanderous, defamatory, offensive or discriminatory towards any person;
– does not contain viruses, worms or other programs or files that can damage a computer or any form of spam.
The user will release Uniwol from any claim, request or court order resulting from breaches that are guilty of the obligations set out above.

7. Description of the Service: the Platform

1. Availability of the Platform and Services
a) The Platform is provided by Uniwol for free and at its sole discretion. Users can not claim any right of access to the Platform or any Service or function offered by it.
b) Uniwol has the right to interrupt (at all or in part) the Platform or Services offered on it, at its discretion and at any time, even without the consent of Users.
c) Uniwol is not responsible and assumes no responsibility for uninterrupted and defect-free access to the Platform and / or Services.
d) Users must guarantee that they possess the technical requirements to use the Platform and the Services, including, without limitation, the necessary hardware and software (for example an internet browser) as well as the speed of access and transmission of data, or services available via Skype. UNIWOL assumes no responsibility for the compatibility of the Platform and the Services offered with the specific software and hardware of the users.

8. Accuracy, completeness, legality and newness of the information and content on the Platform

a) The information provided on the Uniwol Platform is for informational purposes only and should not be used as the sole basis for decisions. If the User relies on the Information taken on the Platform, he will do so assuming the consequences. Uniwol reserves the right to change the Information at any time, without notice.
b) Uniwol assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the Content created and sent by Users on the Platform; this is the sole responsibility of the interested User. In particular, Uniwol is not responsible for the compliance of the Content created by Users on the Platform with respect to applicable laws and that such Contents are released from the rights of third parties. Uniwol is not able to regularly check and review all the Content sent by Users on the Platform. Uniwol does not consider such Content as its own and expressly dissociates from any position and opinion expressed about such Content that does not reflect its position.
c. Links to external websites
Our offer includes links to external websites, owned by third parties and beyond our control. Therefore, we can not take any responsibility for the contents of third parties. These links are offered as a service and are provided solely as a reference to websites of third parties that may contain additional relevant information. However, all Content on Linked Sites is solely the responsibility of the party offering such Content or the operator of the linked website. Uniwol does not examine all information made available on such third party websites. Furthermore, Uniwol is not able to monitor the contents of the websites connected on a regular basis. The reference to such websites does not mean that Uniwol considers the Contents of such websites as its own. Uniwol expressly dissociates itself from any position or opinion expressed on such websites that may not reflect its position. Uniwol is not responsible for losses, damages or other injuries resulting from the use of linked websites.

9. Limitations of liability

a) Uniwol is responsable of damages due to willful misconduct or gross negligence, but not of the fact of third parties, which prejudice the achievement of the contract’s goals, or the failure to comply with those obligations to the foundation of its own execution of the contract and on the observance the User relies. Any other liability of Uniwol for fault must be considered excluded.
b) the limitations of liability above also apply in case of claims for damages that may be directed against administrators, officials, employees, representatives or auxiliaries.

10. Cessation of membership of the community

a) the User may cease to be part of the community at any time, withdrawing with written notice from the Contract without any formalities. For deactivation procedure of the user account, the user may to write to
b) Uniwol can terminate the contract at any time if the User violates the general rules of use or the rules about sending Content by Users. The notification of the end of the contract by Uniwol must be wrote (also by email).

11. Modification of the Conditions of Use and Participation

a) Uniwol reserves the right to modify these Conditions at any time, with future effect. The modification of the conditions will be published on the Platform, and Users will be able to decide whether to accept these changes at the time of the next access.
b) If a User does not accept the changes, he / she may terminate his / her membership at any time, in accordance with the provisions of these Terms of Use and Participation.

13. Relationship between the clauses, applicable law

a) In the event that one or more provisions of these Terms of Use become invalid, in whole or in part, or in the event that there is a gap in these Terms of Use, the applicable Italian law will apply .
b) These Terms of Use and Participation are governed by current Italian legislation. Should conflicts arise, the parties are obliged to attempt conciliation before the Mediation Body at the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, as a condition of judicial procedurality.

14. How to contact us

Questions or comments regarding these Terms of Use and Participation may be forwarded to the following addresses:
UNIWOL, Via Amendola 8 – 40121 Bologna (BO),
Data Protection Officer: UNIWOL, Via Amendola 8 – 40121 Bologna (BO)

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