Get published: advices how your novel would not be trashed

What to do as your manuscript which costed you fatigue and sweat would not be trashed?

  1. Do not send your work randomly

Every publisher has its own editorial line which can be more or less matching with your book. Please spend few time though the site, look at the book’s catalogue, then send the book only to the publishers which you deem matching with your book’s content.

  1. Follow the sending instructions

While on the publisher’s site, carefully look at the specifications how to sent them your book (sometimes not easy to be found, but your persistency will be rewarded. If only synopsis is required why sending the full book? And vice versa. Following instructions will surely gain you more points with the editor.

  1. Write a good synopsis which in few tens of lines can make a so convincing picture of your book able to convince the publisher to read at least the beginning of the book. A synopsis is not the back cover: forget advertisement and allusions of any kind and stick to the story. Put on it how the story ends even if it is a thriller and also if the final is the best part of the book.
  2. May be it looks obvious, but sent well made texts, accurate and with no errors. If the publisher, after enjoying a nice synopsis, starts reading the book and after few rows finds typos and errors, you have burned your opportunity. Proof read the book several times before sending it, better if you make it read also by other people, as on own script, after second or third reading, you stop find errors.
  3. Take special care on the incipit as it is often the key to the publishing of your book. If the publisher has limited time, he will read the incipit and look at spot parts of the remaining text. Only if the incipit will attract him, you will have chances he can continue reding your book.
  4. Don’t use creative layouts or strange fonts which can disturb the reading. The nice old “times new roman” size 12 is always a guarantee.

At this point you have to wish the book would be matching the editor likes and would be deemed aligned with the publisher line. From here more and more factors are playing a role, but on them I have no suggestions.


(Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash)