Is there an infallible way to get published?

Know how to play in the editorial world and know how to set up the material to be sent to the publishers can highly help an author, beginner or expert, but even if you put the best effort on this aspects, you will never be granted your book will be published.

There’s a variety of subjective variables which play a role in a book evaluation: personal editor like, market trends at that moment, the book salability and so on. It may happen a book is arriving on the editor’s desk exactly while the publisher is looking for the kind of story which is on it. This luck happens vary rarely, but happens.

On contrary it may happen the market is not ready for that kind of history and the publishers don’t appreciate the book’s value. Sometimes, insisting, it is possible to find a publisher on the same page of yours, sometimes not.

If you are convinced you work is valid, do not give up after the first refusal: there are a lot of stories of famous writers (we can mention J. K. Rowling and Stephan Kind as examples) which have received several refuses before finding the publisher which guessed their potential.

But also you don’t have to get sick out of it. Face everything with serenity and calm: normally publishing a book is not a dead-or-alive topic, then makes no sense to become anxious or to feel every refuse as a tragedy. The fundamental secret to live and survive in the editorial world is don’t take themselves too seriously.

(Photo by Christa Dodoo on Unsplash)