Ten ingredients for stories which are capturing the reader

  1. Write an effective incipit, you will immediately gain reader’s attention
  2. Show, don’t describe, through your words the reader have to be able to see the places, the characters and the contest
  3. Make realistic and believable characters, the reader will emphasize with them
  4. Pay attention to the setting, as it could become integral part of the story
  5. If you use dialogues, make them realistic, they must be convincing
  6. Give your writing rhythm, the reader must not get bored
  7. Give your story movement, make things happen, the story must evolve
  8. Use a language without errors, the errors turn off the involvement
  9. Arouse emotions to the reader, positive or negative, they have to “impact”
  10. Make the reader often ask himself “What’s going to happen now?” and willing to go on reading

(Foto Elijah O’Donell by Unsplash)