Why Uniwol it has been developed and how you can exploit to its max potential

We would like to tell you why Uniwol it has been developed and how you can exploit to its max potential.
UNIWOL is the acronymous of United World Library and it main target is to become an international network for professionals and passioned people acting in the world of books.
When we created it we were aware that this kind of network could have been an important tool for professionals and small companies. A network without boarders to enlarge the work opportunities all over the world, but also just a platform to confront with other professionals and players into this filed.
Today, with the travelling restrictions and with the cultural work having completely moved online, the idea behind UNIWOL is becoming even more important.
If you have filled carefully all your profile fields, if you have uploaded some examples of your works and you have selected what you offer and/or what look for, you can be found more easily by other people inside the network which is compliant with you and with whom you can start synergies and cooperation or just professional discussions. And from action comes reaction, so do not just wait passively that others move first step towards you. With the search filters you can start finding partners to complete your project, or colleagues with similar skills and professionalism to start mirroring and cooperating. Whenever you start creating your preferred contacts network inside UNIWOL, you will have more and more opportunities to enjoy this. On top UNIWOL offers you visibility on its “News” session of the site: you can send us a book to review and promote or an article to publish.
The important thing to make this community grow, is to play with it and make it move.
And to help us to grow UNIWOL, please promote it to your friends and contacts on the socials: as much critical mass of subscribers we will collect, the higher the number of opportunities for all will be.
What else do you wait for? Start do active networking.